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Welcome to Westpark!



We are a small community of only 104 houses in SW Calgary including the north side of 9 Avenue SW (between 77th Street SW and 85 Street SW), Westpark Court SW, Westpark Place SW and Westpark Cresent SW.


The Westpark Residents Association (WPRA) is a non-profit society whose membership includes all the homeowners of the neighbourhood of Westpark, Calgary, Alberta.  To ensure that residents continue to enjoy this enriched environment, the Westpark Residents Association was created. The Association's plan is to maintain the landscape standards adopted by the neighbourhood of Westpark. The Association's landscaping and seasonal maintenance is funded primarily through the annual collection of fees from each member and with cooperation from the City of Calgary.

Realtors and prospective buyers please see our "Community Information" page for details on annual fees.



Location, SW Calgary,

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